Why am I collating information for True Crime Cases?

2 min readMar 3, 2021

I am a true crime lover and often binge-watch related documentaries and YouTube videos. I really love the fact that many of these videos are raising more awareness about the cases, and especially so when some YouTubers include the victim’s family members to explain more about it. There are so many pieces of fake information over the internet and it is tough to discern between what is real and fake sometimes.


I realised that some YouTubers did not include related news articles in their videos (I do understand they have a lot on their plate). I am someone who likes to research cases and it is tough to catch case keywords just from the video audio itself. There are times when it took me several tries just to find related articles and it was just a hassle.

Additionally, there are several true crime YouTubers out there (shoutout to you guys!! Thank you for making these videos for us) who covered the same case and I thought it will be nice to have a compilation for those who want to learn more about the case from different YouTubers! Sometimes the videos are named differently and it can be tough to search for specific videos just from the youtube search bar.


Of course, I may miss out on information here and there so if you notice anything do let me know! I will definitely correct them immediately :) Or if there are new updates or new videos for the cases do comment down below as well~

Thank you for reading this and if you have any cases you want to see compiled here, do let me know!




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