Hitting the first milestone: 100 followers

2 min readNov 25, 2021

Finally!: A commentary-cum-celebration about 100 followers

Like many others on the platform, 100 followers is the first goal that I set for myself in Medium. Be it driven by the minimum number to enter the Medium Partner Program, or simply just newbies reaching that very sweet three digits, I am glad to announce that I reached this particular goal!

I have to admit that I used the method of helping the community with “follow for follow”, but is it wrong for everyone to work together to reach a common goal? I do agree that some writers may say that “quality over quantity” and you are definitely right, but I see this in a different perspective. Perhaps not everyone who follows me are interested in reading true crime unpackaged using sociological perspectives (articles coming up soon!), or reading my movie reviews and simply just thoughts about society. Maybe, I am also not entirely interested in the content of those whom I am following as well. However, I see this as an opportunity to broaden my horizons.

Many a times, we have specific interests and only source content for those topics, is it that we do not have interest in other areas? I feel that following writers who write about topics I am not keen on can actually expose me to much more, revealing exciting ideas hidden in publications I will personally not click into. These little surprises do make my journey here on Medium a little more fun :)

That being said, everyone’s perspective on this “100 followers” method definitely has a point, it is just up to how one wants to approach writing on Medium. But something we all have in common is that we all want to share our personal thoughts and ideas through our writing, all the best to all of you reading this!

Thank you for reading until this point, and I would like to share a little about what I will be writing in here. I am a Sociology student and really thoroughly enjoy my classes in school, learning about new points-of-view and really want to share and understand what others think about it as well. Coupling with my interest in true crime, I wanted to analyse using the sociological lens into these crimes, and also occasionally express my thoughts about the movies/shows I watch in my free time! (usually crime-related)

Once again, thank you to my 125 followers, and I will be back with engaging content soon!




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